Rhonda Schultz  is the owner of Glowin Skin Bar. She has been living her in the Houston area for 12 years with her son in Katy.  She has been doing facials since she was 12 years old. her grandmother earns the credit for her young inspiration. She gave Rhonda a teen Glamour magazine and the love of cosmetics and skin care took root from there. Her passion and commitment to educating, treating and coaching clients to have a clean lifestyle of less toxic products and food is the foundation of her goal.  A goal to be a lifestyle trainer for clients who need education and training on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle.


Healthy glowing skin starts from the inside out. Utilizing natural skincare lines she helps all clients find their natural glow. Rhonda has completed 28 additional trainings and certifications in various modalities such as microdermabrasion, microcurrent, microneedling, microblading, dermal leveling, nutrition,  and essential oils to name a few. she has in MedSpas and is very hands on with lasers and body contouring modalities.


Glowin Skin Bar is committed to excellence and to providing the skincare and lifestyle living habits that all clients want and deserve.


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